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IF you are extending your house then you could go outside the terms of your normal home insurance and need specialist Renovation Insurance. But it all depends on each individual project and this article is designed to help you determine what sort of insurance you will need while the extension is put in place.


Extending outwards

When you are extending a property outwards, in most cases you will need Renovation Insurance. This is because you will be taking down a wall of the property and exposing it and the contents to increased risk of theft and damage from the weather.


In this case you will probably have bricks, wood, plant and equipment in your garden as well. These are all susceptible to theft, vandalism or damage from the weather. Renovation Insurance will protect you against any loss here as well.


Now, if you are extending outwards with something like a conservatory, you may not need Renovation Insurance if the work takes place completely outside of the house. Without any break in the walls/skin of the house, everything internally and externally is still under cover of your standard buildings and contents insurance. The conservatory supplier will have his own professional and public indemnity insurance – but you should ask the question to be sure – and that means they are responsible for their own stock, material and plant.


Extending upwards

If you are breaking through the roof and making major structural changes, then Renovation Insurance is a good idea. It is the same principle as extending outwards, if you open the property’s walls or roof then you should get extra insurance cover in place.


Internal renovations

If you are painting and redecorating, then in almost all cases you will not need Renovation Insurance. If you are moving structural walls, bringing in new floor plans and steel supports, then you will want to use Renovation Insurance for the extra protection it affords.


How much does Renovation Insurance cost?

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