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THE summer is here in the UK and most people are not considering flooding as a problem. But the fact is around 5.2million homes in the UK need Flood Risk Insurance during the summer as well as the winter. There have been significant flood events in the UK in the last years and if you are not insured you could face financial ruin if your property floods.

So the short answer is that you will need Flood Risk Insurance in the summer and all year round if you live in a flood risk area. There is no safe time of the year when you may not flood if you live in one of these parts of the country.

Flash Flooding

Huge downpours of rain on dry ground causes flash flooding. That is when the rain hits the hard ground and does not drain through quickly enough. It is not absorbed by the ground so it gathers on the surface and sheer volume of water turns it into a running river. This is a major cause of flooding in the summer and is another reason that if you live in a flood risk area you cannot let your guard down at all.

Water Table Levels

Constant rain and normal weather can leave the local water table very high. Outside may look normal but under the ground the water level is high and any significant rain could tip it over into a flood. This can happen almost anywhere depending on weather and ground conditions.

The key flooding question

The question you have to ask is whether or not you live in a flood risk area at any time of the year. Do you live near a river that floods regularly or even only occasionally? Do you live in a town that has been hit by floods in the last 20-years? Are your neighbours putting in flood defences? These are all tell tale signs that you need flood risk insurance.

It all comes down to common sense. If you are at risk of flooding any time of the year then you will need a home insurance policy that will protect you against floods for the whole year. There’s no gain in trying to only do a six month policy and hope that you don’t flood.

To buy Flood Risk Insurance, visit The Home Insurer and click on the get a quote button. It takes minutes and makes sure you are properly protected.

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