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YOU will need empty house insurance if you leave your property vacant for more than 30-days at any one time.

If you do not leave your house empty for more than 30-days at any one time, then chances are your home insurance will cover you as standard. Most buildings and contents insurance policies come with a 30-day allowance for people to take holidays and other trips without having to worry about changing their home insurance.

More than 30 days vacant then you will need empty house insurance

But the game changes once you leave a property empty for 31 days. That is when your insurance will not be covering you against financial loss of any kind. Standard home insurance has schedules and terms that are clearly written down for you to understand. Ignorance is no defence. If you only have 30-days unoccupied insurance cover, then on the 31st day you will not be covered. That means if you make a claim then it is very likely to be denied and you will end up paying for it yourself. That is a situation you need to avoid as it is a very costly mistake.

Empty house insurance is what you need. Don’t even try to get away with standard home insurance if you know you will be absent beyond 30-days. Insurance companies have sophisticated fraud detection departments that will be able to find out the truth of your residency. These are super slueths paid to weed out false claims that cost the insurance industry millions of pounds every year.

Empty house insurance can protect your property for as long as you leave it vacant. If that is 31 days or 31-months, you can get insurance cover to protect the property against everything from fire, theft and everything in-between.

Empty house insurance is a specialist insurance product

This is a specialist insurance product for unoccupied properties and it will cost you more than standard buildings and content insurance. That is normal as the risks associated with an empty property are higher and claims are more frequent. If a pipe bursts it could be hours or days before anyone notices and a lot of water damage can occur. If a thief breaks in, it could be a long time before it is detected and as well as losing possessions, any broken windows can let in the elements and lots of damage.

But with empty house insurance you will be covered against loss. To get some of the best cover from UK insurers at incredible prices, simply visit The Property Insurer today.

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empty house insurance

empty house insurance


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