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AS you will know from reading my regular blogs, I have a rental property that I let out privately. Recently I bought boiler cover from Dial a Rod for the property but I can tell you it is nothing but a complete scam.

I bought the Gold version at £149.99 that includes a boiler service and gas safety certificate. You see I thought that those alone would cost me £85-£100 so for an extra £49.99 I would be getting boiler insurance cover and that was a good call as I have forked out some money on fixing the boiler over the years.

All was good until the agent asked me to get the gas landlords certificate. I said I would organise through Dial a Rod and duly called on the 13th April. I gave the details of the property and that I wanted the service and gas safety certificate sorted ASAP. They promised to call back.

I called again on the 25th April and was promised a call back.

On 1st May Jonathan promised me he would deal with it personally and call me back the next day. I hope he’s OK because I’ve never heard from him since.

Next I called on 3rd May and spoke with Holly who said she needed me to supply a date and time for the work to be carried out. I called on 4th May after speaking with the tenant and advised noon on 10th May was fine and the date was in the diary and agreed.

On 10th May the tenant advised that after waiting in for three hours no one had arrived for the boiler service. I called the emergency number for Dial a Rod and constantly got a voicemail – so I left a message. I also emailed my disappointment.

On the 11th May I spoke with Kerry who could tell I wasn’t happy. She had me on hold while she contacted the contractor and about 15-seconds later advised that she couldn’t get through and would refund my policy. I was not happy as I just wanted the service I had been sold and paid for but rather than waste more time on this sham firm I accepted.

On 17th May I called again to see why I had not been refunded. Sarah apparently doesn’t get into the office until 1000 so I called at 1004 and was on hold for 19-minutes before giving up and leaving a message. I am not hopeful that I will receive a call back. I am not even hopeful that I will receive my money back.

Terrible service, don’t do what they say and a complete waste of my time and effort. I cannot advise strongly enough that you avoid Dial a Rod. I am considering where and how hard I can complain in order to resolve this matter right now as I think it is very wrong that any firm can treat customers so poorly and I sincerely hope they get closed down.

Jason McClean

The Property Insurer

I am a director of the Property Insurer and Property Landlord. We tell it how it really is. Yes property insurance can be boring , but our job is to make it more interesting, useful and above all save you money!

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