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THIS article explains the difference between Contents Insurance and Student Contents Insurance. If you don’t want to read any further, then put simply they are the same thing but rated slightly differently as the risks are not the same. But this is only a slight difference; both are low cost insurance policies.

Contents Insurance is at its basics a policy designed to protect your possessions when in your home. If that home is your family home or halls of residence makes a difference to the rating. It is fair to say that items in a large shared building such as a halls of residence or a house of mass occupation filled with students are at a little more risk than in a private residence. That adds a little to the cost, but not much as the competition for these policies is high with plenty of providers fighting for the business.

Everything you own, from computer to mobile phone, jewellery, books, sofas and televisions can be covered with Contents Insurance. Depending on the policy you can go for new for old or cash pay out if you make a claim in both cases.

You will need to choose an excess to pay if you make a claim. As most Contents Insurance items are less than £1000, more like less than £500 in cost, then it is worth choosing a low excess. If you pick a high excess, it may not be worth claiming on the insurance if you need it and that defeats the purpose of having insurance in the first place. £50 excess is something we think reasonable to bring down the original cost of the policy and deliver maximum benefit.

You can choose to protect your possessions away from the property as well, whether a student’s policy or normal Contents Insurance. This is popular with students who may take expensive lap top computers into University and with them throughout the day. If you have anything of considerable value that leaves the property, then consider adding this cover to the policy.

You’ll need to specify high value items on the policy schedule in all cases. Anything over £1000 should be noted and that will make any future claim a lot easier to administrate.

Contents Insurance is not expensive normally. It can go anywhere from £30 upwards depending on the amount to be covered. A typical policy for £50,000 cover will cost around £100. Student’s policies will be around the same or less as amount insured tends to be a lot less, say £10,000.

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