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IF you own anything at all and live in a normal house then chances are you will need contents insurance to protect your belongings. The good news is that it doesn’t cost very much in comparison to what you would have to pay to replace in the case of a loss.

If your house burnt to the ground today and everything you owned was inside then you would be depending on your home insurance to keep you financially alive and to replace everything.

Home insurance comes as buildings and contents or buildings only or contents only. This guide is assuming you already have buildings cover and just need contents insurance.

The first thing to do is to determine how much everything you own adds up to. This can surprise you and even in the most modest of homes is likely to be in the many thousands of pounds.

Modern widescreen TVs cost £500+ easily and can tip the scales at £2000+ if you like your kit. DVD players, set top boxes, Apple TV, computers, mobile phones, tablets, iPods etc, all cost a lot of money.

Now add curtains, carpets, beds, clothes, books and furniture to that. Don’t forget your jewellery, watches, rings, artwork and cash. Then there are the bicycles that can be expensive as well. Tools, kitchen utensils, pots and pans, crockery, microwave and much more.

Add all these together and you can expect a figure anywhere between a few thousand and £50,000+ depending on your property, age and what you spend your money on.

The important thing now is to make a list so you don’t forget anything and put it somewhere safe – say on a web access account that will not be damaged if you lose everything else.

The very valuable things – jewellery, high end computers, TVs etc should be specified on the contents insurance policy as valuable items. I advise that anything over the cost of £1000 should be named. Other items that insurers will want named include bicycles, jewellery and freezer contents and they will ask you direct.

Last thing is to decide what excess you want to pay in the event of any claim. I advise it should be low or zero so if you do suffer a loss you can use your insurance to recover the items – that is what insurance is for. Going for a high excess may reduce the cost slightly but may prohibit you from using the insurance if you need it. Don’t worry overly about your no claims as this is not car insurance, the contents insurance market is competitive and you are more than likely going to get a good price the following year as well as brokers fight for your business (providing you are not a serial claimant).

Once you know the answers to all of these, you can then visit The Property Insurer and click on Contents Only Insurance. Fill in the quick form with your answers and it will compare UK specialists for the best price and cover possible. It’s as simple as that.

Jason McClean

The Property Insurer


I am a director of the Property Insurer and Property Landlord. We tell it how it really is. Yes property insurance can be boring , but our job is to make it more interesting, useful and above all save you money!

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