Insurance claims history

If you have ever been burgled, suffered the terrible consequences of flood or subsidence damage or even survived a house fire then chances are you know the value of good House Insurance and will know how much it protects you in the case of financial loss to your property. Unfortunately that means you have probably made a claim previously and you may be worried about increased insurance prices now – but The Property Insurer is here to help you find the insurance cover you need in the event that your claims history means that most mainstream providers won’t cover you.

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view of a glass door being broken into by a masked man with a crowbar to represent claims history section.
get a quotation button for sending off insurance quotation to the property insurer.
get a quotation button for sending off insurance quotation to the property insurer.

picture of jason mcclean the owner of the property insurer which offer various insurance including flood insurance, landlord insurance and more. Jason Says

It makes me angry to think that if some low-life thieves break into your home, steal your possessions and damage your property then you get hit later on by increased property insurance costs. In the vast number of cases you have been unlucky and if you have good home insurance then at least you are covered for financial loss –but why should you pay an extra premium in the future when the thieves are laughing it up?

Now, if you are a serial claimant who thinks that making lots of claims is a way to cheat the system and make money then you will be found out. You are just driving the cost of home insurance up for everyone else and I have no problem calling you scum. The fact is the insurers are smarter and much better resourced than you, sooner or later your number will be called and you’ll lose out –try getting insurance then and no-one will be able to help you, nothing short of paying huge sums of money and having sky-high excess will do. You have been warned…