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THE UK’s leading flood post code checker www.checkmyfloodrisk.co.uk, owned and maintained by Shoothill, has teamed up with The Property Insurer to offer visitors a home flood insurance solution.

With a substantial number of visitors using Check My Flood Risk per year to see if they live in a flood risk area, and around 5.2-million properties at risk of flooding, specialist home flood insurance is a natural offer from the website.

The Property Insurer has access to some of the best flood insurance, floodre insurance and home insurance in the UK and can cover any property at risk from flooding. It takes around 2-minutes to complete the quick quote form on the website.

Shoothill’s Simon Jeavons said: “It makes sense that people using our flood risk search may need flood insurance. It is not normally easy to get flood insurance so we have teamed up with The Property Insurer to offer cover to anyone that needs it. We are aiming to solve problems for people that live in flood risk areas and ensure they can get insurance and are financially covered.”

The Property Insurer is a specialist home insurance provider in the UK and has an excellent reputation with customers, brokers and UK underwriters.

The Property Insurer’s Jason McClean said: “We are delighted to partner with Shoothill and their Check My Flood Risk service as there is a natural desire to deliver insurance solutions to people who own property that is at flood risk. Our ability to deliver realistic quotes via a panel of providers means we can help property owners who have traditionally struggled to get insurance. No matter what the circumstance, we can usually get the property on cover and insured.”

For more information on The Property Insurer, visit www.thepropertyinsurer.co.uk

For more information on Shoothill, visit www.shoothill.com and www.checkmyfloodrisk.co.uk

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Check My Flood Risk and The Property Insurer

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