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I CAN get upset about many things but few get under my skin as much as the latest advice by Councils to tell their tenants who are facing eviction to wait until the bailiffs come round and let the landlord take them to court. This is local Government telling tenants to ignore contracts and agreements – the law. And if the tenants don’t wait until the bailiffs come round, then they will not be rehoused as they are voluntarily homeless. What a stinking pot of advice and sorry state of affairs and it’s because of that I call on all landlords to boycott Council tenants.

Councils advocating illegal activity

I interpret that advice as Councils that tell tenants who are facing eviction – primarily for not paying their rent – to ignore their landlords requests and wait until the court eventually has them forcibly removed as advising them to take part in illegal activity. Everyone knows they will be evicted and all the Council is doing is costing the landlord more time, money and stress than they deserve.

For goodness sake, the tenant is paid money for housing by the Council. If they choose to spend the money on iPhones, alcohol or holidays, that’s up to them. If they don’t pay it on the rent, then they should be evicted and chased for money owed, taken out of their benefits for as long as required.

Tenants that don’t pay their rent shouldn’t be advised to hang on in there for as long as possible in order to save the Council a couple of months housing cost elsewhere. It’s piling a wrong on top of a wrong and hoping everything will turn out right.

Boycott Council tenants

The only reasonable answer is to boycott accepting Council tenants or any on benefit. If a tenant doesn’t pay the rent and is receiving housing benefit, then that benefit should be paid direct to the landlord. That way a lot of these cases would never occur in the first place. The tenants know they will be housed one way or another if they are evicted, so spend their money how they like. The iPhone is more important than the roof over their head.  Paying the landlord direct removes that temptation and focuses them on what’s important.

With the private rented sector ready to contract, Councils advised to sell high value property and 1.5million already on the waiting list, this sort of advise is adversarial and damaging to all. Until the Councils take a mature and responsible viewpoint, I will be boycotting council tenants from any of my properties. I urge you to do the same.

Jason McClean

Call for landlords boycott Council tenants

Call for landlords boycott Council tenants

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