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I took the dog for a walk this afternoon and I couldn’t help notice the large cracks appearing on the pathways adjacent to the farm fields in our village, now we’ve hardly had a heat wave yet the paths and the fields for that matter already look as dry as a bone!

Despite it only being April I am already minded to warm homeowners to be aware of subsidence and to keep a regular check on any cracks appearing on the property as this could be the first signs of subsidence.

There are 3 principle causes of subsidence; the type of soil, tree proximity to your home and leaking pipes and drains. The Association of British Insurers (ABI) point out that trees, especially ones that are large or especially near a home, can increase the risk of subsidence due to the substantial quantity of water they absorb, which dries out the soil near and underneath a home. The ABI offer advice on their website regarding distances and a tree surgeon can offer guidance on whether action needs to be taken regarding trees already planted.

Good general maintenance of the property helps reduce damage from escaped water, and the clay soil common in the South East is particularly prone to subsidence issues. Minor cracks, less than 5mm, can be due to other factors, but large cracks (into which a 10 pence piece can be slotted) are often the first signs of subsidence.

Like with most things in life these days if you see a problem keep a very close eye on it, if cracks are increasing in size then don’t delay getting it looked at. Most buildings insurance policies include cover for subsidence, but typically with increased policy excesses, it is in everyone’s interest (yourself, insurance company and your neighbour’s) that you contact your insurance company immediately, they have specialists to help assess the damage and agree the right course of action.

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