Blocks of flats insurance

Definitely not the most straightforward to insure but thankfully The Property Insurer has it covered and can provide competitive and comprehensive Blocks of Flats insurance.

Generally the owner or freeholder for a block of flats will need to cover the insurance for the entire building and that means finding an insurer that will carry the varied risk. It is then down to the freeholder to recoup the cost of insurance from the tenants as part of the services charges.

Purpose built blocks of flats, converted buildings and engineering cover for lifts and Directors and Officers Liability are just some of the things you need to consider.

Or how about blocks that are split with leasehold and freehold flats…could be a nightmare but The Property Insurer can cover the risks and provide the best Blocks of Flats insurance, just call the number below.

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If you live in a block of flats and own an apartment or rent a flat, then you need to go to the apartment/flats/bedsit options for insurance – these are everyday insurances for the mass market and through The Property Insurer, competitively priced and easy to purchase. Blocks of Flats insurance on the other hand can be complex and is only applicable to freeholders of large blocks of flats.

By its nature quoting on this sort of property and risk is not easy – nor can it be automated with any degree of realism on the internet, that’s why The Property Insurer has a carefully selected partner to provide Blocks of Flats insurance. That’s also why you’ll need to call the number and speak with them, the more information you give the less it will cost and the better the cover you will receive.

If you want insurance for a Block of Flats look no further than calling the number below, the cover and the price are direct from a leading UK provider giving you complete peace of mind.