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DESPITE the heat wave we have enjoyed in mid-September, the rains are due to arrive and when they do you may want to check you have flood insurance for your property.

The recent hot weather – the hottest September day since 1911 – has temporarily led to us forgetting that autumn and winter are on their way. And if they come hard and fast after a very warm and dry spell, they could make flooding an issue, or even worse.

Warm weather dries up the ground and hardens it. Then when the rains come, the water initially runs off the hard ground and cascades, flowing down streets and overwhelming drainage systems. That can be the start of a flood.

Even without the flash surface flooding, the water table is still pretty high and when the rain seeps through, it will rise quickly. That’s the next possible cause of flooding, so rivers can rise and flooding comes from underneath.

The fact is that we have more rainfall in autumn and winter than summer. There is less evaporation from the sun and it does not take a huge amount of change to go from wet ground to flooded.

If your property floods, then water ingresses and destroys everything it touches. Carpets, furniture, plasterboard on walls, all of it will be drenched by filthy water.

It gets worse if the water seeps up from the sewers and brings that filth with it. The stink and stench will be difficult to remove for months to come.

You can put in place your own flood defences. These can be simple diversions so water will run away from the property or sandbags to try and prevent it getting in. After that you will be into mechanical flood defences such as watertight covers and no return valves for toilets. You really only need these items if you are in a risky area with a history of flooding.

Flood insurance is perhaps the easiest to obtain and most cost effective defence against flooding you can get. With The Home Insurer, it can go down to house number on a street and determine whether there is any risk of flooding, to try and save you money.

If there is flood history, then the cost of insurance will increase. You can try a Floodre scheme but so far the feedback on these is not great, we think a flood insurance specialist is best. Get a good one and they will understand your needs, deliver excellent cover and keep it at a realistic price. For that service, check out The Property Insurer.

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