Flood Insurance

If you have experienced a flood in the past or live in a postcode area designated at risk of flooding by the Environmental Agency then you will need good flood insurance cover to protect your property and assets. This cover does not have to be expensive and The Property Insurer works with the very best UK specialist providers to ensure you receive the very best cover at the lowest possible price.

And excess demands do not need to break the bank either. Our expert brokers understand what you need and will supply a realistic price and excess that you can afford.

They will also give credit for any flood defence work that has taken place to protect your property. The Property Insurer offers you the very best in specialist provision and can help you regardless of prior flood claims. Click on the Get a Quote button now for a fast response.

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get a quotation button for sending off insurance quotation to the property insurer.
get a quotation button for sending off insurance quotation to the property insurer.

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People say that there is no truth in global warming but I live in the UK and have felt the difference in the weather and watched the increasing frequency of flooding news and misery. Is it global warming or is it irresponsible planning laws or is it simple bad luck? I don’t know but the one thing I am sure of is if you live in an area of flood risk then you need flood risk insurance, no questions asked.

The blame game is no fun if you are watching water climb up the inside walls of your property –at that stage what you need is good flood insurance cover that you can rely on to fix and repair everything quickly and without fuss to minimise disruption to your life.

Flood insurance is a specialist product and requires expert broker and insurer support. There is no point hoping that a big brand TV advertised supplier can deal with this sort of risk at any sort of realistic price – they simply are not geared up to do so. That’s where The Property Insurer comes in to its own. With contacts to the best flooding insurance providers in the UK it will connect you with the right people and help you get the right flood insurance cover at the right price.

Flood Insurance – The Facts

Flooding is estimated to affect around 5.2million properties in the UK and cost around £1.3billion in damage. This includes properties that have flooded historically and properties that have never flooded but are situated in an area deemed to be at flood risk by the Environment Agency. That means you could be paying high prices for your home insurance because of a flood risk you may be unaware of. To check your own flood risk you can check the map at the Environment agency or click on FLOOD RISK MAP.

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Government and Local Councils will in the worst affected areas have measures and guidance in place for flood defences. But with pressure on Government spending, the amount and efficiency of flood defences are often less than ideal or what is needed. Many responsible homeowners will end up buying and putting in place their own flood defences. These are not only sandbags, which are the most basic of defence. They go right through to complete flood barriers like those with AST Floodwall. These defences can go right up to top of door height and are completely watertight. The Property Insurer has an agreement with AST Floodwall that means if you use their products, you will get a 10% discount on flood insurance. For more details, click on AST FLOODWALL.

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There are numerous flood defences that homeowners can purchase themselves, but as this is a new industry you should always check what they promise to deliver. It’s worth considering if a flood defence is supplied with a water pump – that indicates they expect water ingress, which is not what you might expect.

Where the Government and Council defences are deficient (see this excellent article here in THE TELEGRAPH) and the home owners cannot afford their own defences, then flood insurance is often the only option available.

There are numerous considerations you need to take into account when shopping for flood insurance. The first thing you may be aware of is Flood Re, a Government led initiative with the Association of British Insurers that is designed to ensure flood insurance cover for those who need it. You can read more about it by clicking FLOOD RE.

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The problem with Flood Re is that it has to be put into practice. In a competitive marketplace for home insurance, adding £10 to a policy price for everyone is not easy. It is putting pressure on insurance businesses bottom lines and therefore the adoption and effectiveness of it is yet to be proven. In 2015/2016 it is The Property Insurer’s opinion that anyone with a property in a flood risk area should still seek specialist flood insurance as the best solution.

To familiarise yourself with what can happen when you claim for flood insurance and the common points of argument, then you should click on THE FINANCIAL OMBUDSMAN. There is really good advice here on what you can expect and also what you should look for in good flood insurance, so well worth reading before agreeing to buy flood insurance from any business, it will help you look for the right things to include in the cover.

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Most flood insurance quotes will be delivered online via the Internet. It is the way most insurance is bought in the UK now with maybe 80%+ bought via the big price comparison websites or through direct insurer and broker websites. Even delivery of policy schedules and documentation is mostly electronic now with all documents being delivered by email rather than post.

The big price comparison engines like Money Supermarket and Confused are not the best places to buy Flood Insurance. The reasons are simple, they don’t actually compare prices as you may think and they charge advertisers a small fortune per click, which means the price of the insurance may actually be higher because it costs so much to list on the site. In the case of Money Supermarket advertisers pay on a cost per click basis and are listed in bidding order – the highest bidder first, rather than the best provider or lowest price first. In the case of Confused, all the non-standard property enquiries go to Towergate Insurance which is reputed to have paid a seven-figure sum to receive all the leads directly and exclusively.

We understand the need to market and advertise, but we also think it is disingenuous to call yourself a price comparison site and then not price compare.

The best way to buy flood insurance is to get in touch with a specialist provider that understands all the risks, problems and solutions that are associated. That means ignoring the Direct Lines of this world, as they are much larger volume call centres that are not well designed to deal with specialisms such as flooding.

Flooding is a complete nightmare for anyone who experiences it. Your whole house stinks, water marks walls, ruins carpets and destroys any belongings it touches. Carpets are only fit for throwing out and the clean up itself can be a disgusting process. It is heart breaking to watch water rise and enter the property, ruining everything you have paid for and forcing you out of the house, making it uninhabitable. Sewers back up and tip out of toilets and sinks. It is truly horrifying. You can read some of the fall out from flooding in people’s homes here by clicking on the BBC.

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With wetter years and rising average temperatures, more rainfall is expected on average in the UK. That will put more properties at risk of flooding. In the summer if it is dry then flash flooding will be possible when heavy sustained local rainfall washes over the ground and floods rather than being absorbed by it. In the wetter months flooding is more traditional, with the sheer build up of water raising the water table and then causing rivers to rise and underwater stores to come to the surface, overwhelming the local geography. These are the horror pictures you will see in most news items on television and in newspapers. For a detailed look at some of the areas and types of flooding in the UK, check out WIKI for more details. This is a good resource for anyone looking into flooding for the first time. It also makes it clear that flooding can strike just about anywhere at anytime given extreme meteorological conditions.

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There is pressure on the Government to build more housing as the UK has a massive deficit of home building. This report you can read HERE claims that at current levels the UK is running at a minus of 50,000 home builds needed per year. What has that to do with flooding you may ask? The fact is with strict planning regulations and restrictive lending by banks, the construction industry is not building enough properties for people to live in. And when they are building, it may be on flood plains as those are the only areas they have permission to develop. They will put in place raised works or dykes to offer some flood protection, but common sense tells you that building on flood plains will sooner or later lead to a flood. And UK Insurers know that as well. They will rate these areas as much riskier than others and therefore getting insurance of any kind for your home will be difficult.

That brings us full circle if you want or need home flood insurance. You need specialist help that understands everything from where your property is built right through to local topography and the history of flooding for the area. If it has flooded before, then they need to understand the protection and barriers that have been put in place in order to weight the risk moving forward. In some cases, insurers can even rate a risk on a door-by-door basis. So if your property has not flooded and the one next door, which is 20-feet lower has, then they can rate the risk differently and appropriately. The benefit of this sort of knowledge and expertise is apparent, as they will only charge for the insurance you need, not a blanket price for a whole postcode.

And the best flood insurance specialists will know the difference between an Environment Agency flood risk area and one that has actually flooded previously. The Environment Agency is great but there are thousands of homes designated at risk of flooding that never have nor never will flood for various reasons but are caught up in the catch all of the Government department’s broad brush approach. If you have a home like this, then specialist flood insurance will save you a fortune, providing you get a good broker that really does understand the situation.

The Home Insurer is one expert that has access to numerous underwriters with the best flood insurance schemes in the UK. It can pinpoint risk down to a street number level and understands the real risks involved with the property and the chances of it flooding. It wants to ask you more questions, find out more and then deliver the most appropriate insurance possible. In some cases homes will be on flood plains and susceptible to flooding unless personal flood defences are put in place. Even these properties can still be insured with high excess or by excluding flooding or via high cost – there is nothing else for it. But the good news is that you can talk with The Home Insurer, it will listen and it will tailor flood insurance to your exact needs. They will work with you to get insurance and then tailor it to what you can afford and that is a rare quality in any home insurance business.

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If you want to compare three of the best UK Flood Insurance brokers in the UK, then you can fill in the quick quote form on The Property Insurer here FLOOD INSURANCE. It takes about two minutes to fill in the form and then three of the best UK flood insurance providers will make you their best offers and allow you to compare prices and policy coverage.

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The best bit of advice this article can give anyone worried about flood risk or who has flooded previously, is to speak to a specialist insurer and make sure you have the right cover in place. With claims averaging around £35,000 per flooded property, it is financially disastrous to ignore the peril. Average cost for flood insurance with complete coverage is approximately £400 per year, so the cost to benefit is huge if you ever need to call upon your flood insurance.


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