Contents Only Insurance

Whatever your possessions you can easily obtain Home Contents Insurance for your home to make sure they are protected in the event of loss through The Property Insurer.

Home Contents Insurance is one of the most popular property insurance options in the UK and there are lots of brokers and insurers fighting for your business, keeping prices competitive.

Whether it is an expensive TV, new fridge, Gucci suit or even wedding rings, everything can be covered by contents insurance when at home or in specified cases, when away from the home as well – particularly useful for expensive cameras, watches and jewellery. Accidental damage can even be included, so spilling red wine on the new white carpet doesn’t end up being a catastrophic financial loss.

view of living room furniture and tv to represent property insurer's contents only insurance.
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By clicking on the Get a Quote button you can Compare Contents Insurance from a panel of specialist providers. The Property Insurer lets you Compare Contents Insurance in just four easy steps and less than five minutes. simply click on the quote button and go through the four quick steps now.

get a quotation button for sending off insurance quotation to the property insurer.

picture of jason mcclean the owner of the property insurer which offer various insurance including flood insurance, landlord insurance and more. Jason Says

Basically if you own anything at all of value then you should have Contents Insurance. If you don’t then if you are burgled, the house and contents burn down then you will be left completely out of pocket and having to buy everything again or go without.

It’s amazing how much it would cost to replace a normal house full of contents and this is recognised in most contents policies which are for £50,000+. TV’s cost £500-£1000 nowadays, washing machines £400, watches can be £lots and as for wardrobes full of suits and dresses…the mind boggles. How would you replace all of these items if you lost them all – could you afford to? The alternative to self-funding everything yourself is a relatively low cost Contents Insurance policy – click on the quote button now for a competitive price and excellent cover.